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Tolumi is a folding dressing table.

It moves as you like and it changes function according to your needs. Just place it following the right light depending on the time of the day or room layout. On different occasion, whenever you wish, you can easily turn it into a small table that stands peacefully in its place
not trying to dominate the space. You can move it around as you please, using it for coffee or a book. Tolumi has a simple form that comes directly from its function, however by choosing fabrics and top finishes you can give it any style you like and make it your very own. Combining colors and structures you can find composition for every interior. Tolumi gives even more possiblities. It already has a new version with opening cushion that gives user additional space for hiding accessories.

Tolumi was awarded with A'Design Award, international design prize for most outstanding, innovative and valuable ideas from all around the world

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